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Why Wrought Iron?

You may be considering wood, plastic or no railing at all. Some of these are good initially but fall short on overall value for your home, let me explain. The first impression your home makes is the most important, whether it's the kitchen, bathroom or the property it sits on. Ask any Realtor and they'll tell you, first impressions matter most. Think about it...

Now, if first impressions matter the most what part of your home is most important? The inside, the outside? What would someone see when driving by your house? The kitchen? Probably not. Focusing on improving your home's exterior will bring you the biggest benefit in terms of perceived value, which brings me back to which material to choose for your new iron railings.

Wrought Iron Railings on San Francisco Bay Area houses add the most overall value by being both long lasting and handsomely decorative, adding significant curb appeal to your home. You certainly can't say that about any of the other options.

Take a look at some photos of our work, and imagine your updated home looking this good.

Iron Railings for San Francisco Bay Area Homes

Complementing your property with a beautiful wrought iron railing will both add to it's value and cause it to stand out as a unique Bay Area home. For hundreds of years wrought iron has been the chosen material for permanent projects. From accenting custom homes to constructing great monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, wrought iron is the metal of choice.

Ornamental wrought iron is the art of using of this highly durable material to produce decorative and functional structures, including wrought iron railings. Ask Iron Joe for a quote, it takes just seconds and may result in years of added value and beauty for your Bay Area home.